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Southeast Asia Panels and Abstracts

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Session 20: Roundtable: Philippine Elections in the Age of Automation: Democratic Ideals and Political Realities

Session 21: Local and Regional Manuscript Cultures in Southeast Asia
Marginalia in Hikayat Tanah Hitu; indications of the contextual meaning of the manuscript, Jan van der Putten
Scribal practices and the role of manuscripts in Burmese legal culture, Christian Lammerts
Thresholds of interpretation on the threshold of change: Paratexts in late 19th century Javanese manuscripts , Ronit Ricci

Session 22: Social Memory and the Representation of the Past in Southeast Asia
“That’s the rule here, from olden times up to now”: Representing the past among the Ifugao , JON HENRIK ZIEGLER REMME
Christianity, Headhunting and History among the Bugkalot/Ilongot of Northern Luzon, Philippines , SHU-YUAN YANG
Competing Genres of the Past in Makassar, Indonesia: Chronicle, Hagiography, Epic and History, Thomas P. Gibson
Social Memory and Changing Representations of the Past in Tagalog metrical romance, 1900-1946, REYNALDO ILETO

Session 23: Understanding Indonesian Politics: New Puzzles and Perspectives from the Field - Supported by the Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee
After 2009 Election: A Cartelized Party System and the Failure of the Opposition, Kuskridho Ambardi
Institutional Change and Structural Resistance: The Meso-Politics of Indonesia’s Democratic Consolidation , Christian von Luebke
Lowering the Barriers to Women in National Politics: Institutional and Social-Political Sources of Increased Female Representation in the 2009 Indonesian General Elections, Sarah Shair-Rosenfield
Toward identifying a deep architecture of Indonesian politics , Edward Aspinall
Unbuilding Blocs: Cleavages and Cartelization in Indonesian Party Politics, 1999-2009, Dan Slater

Session 24: Living in a Material World: Trade Goods and Cultural Change in Southeast Asian Societies, c. 1500 -1900
Elephant Tusks and Their Social and Economic Roles in Eastern Indonesia, Leonard Andaya
Hot beverages in Maluku (the Moluccas) c. 1820 to c. 1890: consumption and cultivation, William G. Clarence-Smith
Material Worlds in 17th/18th-century Batavia, Michael North
Paradise in Stone: visual representations of New World plants and animals in eighteenth century Philippine church architecture , Raquel A.G. Reyes
The Art of Mediation, Thomas D Kaufmann

Session 63: Transborder Perspectives on Post-Genocide Cambodia: Temporalities, Poetics, and Politics
Cambodian Non-Governmental Organizations’ Role In Cambodia’s Endeavor To Deal With The Past: The Case Of Ngo Contribution For The Transitional Justice Process, Mariko Miyahira

Session 64: “Enduring Themes in Philippine Politics: What Else is New?"
"Poverty and Philippine Politics", Virginia A Miralao
"Is There a Culture of Corruption in Philippine Society?", Belinda A Aquino
"Philippine Political Dynasties: Born to Rule", Sheila S Coronel
“The Moro Problem and Peace Process: Dead-end or Light at the End of the Tunnel?" , Federico V Magdalena

Session 65: Confucianism in Action in Vietnam
Confucian Values on Trial: Reading the Hoang Viet Xuan Thu in Various Cultural and Socio-Political Contexts, Nam Nguyen
Le Quy Don’s Evaluations in the Thu Kinh Dien Nghia of Zhu Xi’s Interpretations of the Shujing (Classic of Documents), Kim Son Nguyen
The Holy Mother Religion (Dao Mau) and the Encouragement of Confucian Values in the Early Twentieth Century, Liam C. Kelley
What was Confucian about the Civil Service Exams?: A Case Study of Nineteenth-Century Exam Essays, Minh Hieu Phung

Session 66: State-Society Relations Along China’s Political Frontiers
On Shifting Sands: Political Interactions along the Sino-Tonkinese Frontier, 1903-1930, Tracy C Barrett
Qing State-Making and the Mac Refugee Clan along China's Southern Frontier, 1667-c.1780, Alexander Ong
Recalling the State, Recollecting Society, Remembering the “Cultural Revolution” in Macau, Cathryn H Clayton
State Representatives, Local Interests: Land Acquisition in Shuangcheng, Northeast China, 1830-1880, Shuang Chen

Session 67: Roundtable: The 2010 Myanmar /Burma Elections: Developments and Implications

Session 68: Political Participation & Conflict in Thailand

Session 106: Unconventional Windows into Life in Southern Vietnam from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Centuries
“A Monk; A Nun”: A Lascivious Conversation about Religion, Governance, and Smiting Barbarians in Eighteenth Century Vietnam, Claudine Ang
Methods of Vilification: Cam perceptions of the enemy or “masuh” in historical perspective, Effendy Mohamed
Militarization and Women's Lives in later Seventeenth-Century Nguyen Cochinchina: Insights from French Missionary Sources, Nola Cooke
Rethinking Spatiality, Sovereignty, and Ethnic Conflict on the Mekong Delta Frontier, Shawn McHale

Session 107: Intimacies of Cultural/Area Studies (1) - Sponsored by the Southeast Asia Council
Cloth, Status, and Identity in the Philippines, Mina - Roces
Cultural Studies in Muslim Southeast Asia: Class, Consumption, and Piety Among Contemporary Javanese Youth, Nancy J. Smith-Hefner
Does Popular Culture Matter to the Southeast Asian Region? Southeast Asia as Seen from the Perspective of Popular Culture, Nissim Kadosh Otmazgin
Neighbor Studies: Towards a Post-Orientalist Southeast Asian Studies, Yukti Mukdawijitra

Session 108: Market Oriented Socialist Rubble: The Demolition, Reconstruction, and Remaking of Vietnamese Urban Space - Sponsored by the Vietnam Studies Group
Beauty as Control in the New Saigon, Erik L Harms
Socialist Ruins and Capitalist Debris: New Urban Imaginaries in Vinh City, Christina Schwenkel
Territories, Thresholds, and No Man’s Lands: Developing Saigon’s Water Margins, Christophe J.P. Robert
Transforming New Urban Space for whom? Negotiations between local residents and urban planners in Tu Son town, Bac Ninh Province, Phuong Cham T. Nguyen

Session 109: Diasporic Politics and Democratization Dynamics in Southeast Asia - Sponsored by the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs
"Migrant networks as transnational agents of democratization “from below”? A case study of the Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) and the Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body , Stefan SR Rother
Democracy Burdens: the Politics of Burmese Diasporic Networks in Asia, Renaud RE Egreteau
The Filipino Diaspora as a Democratizing Force?, David DC Camroux

Session 110: Performing Contradictions: Cultural Production and the Negotiation of Ethno-National identity in the Filipino Diaspora - Sponsored by the Phillipines Studies Group
From Oral Storytelling to the written page: The woman Kuwentista as Binukot, Maria Josephine Barrios-LaBlanc
From Vaudeville to Bodabil: Adaptation, Subversion and Solidarity, Carolina L San Juan
Moro-Moro US Style: Performing the Bayan, Nenita Pambid-Domingo
Philippine Gay Indie Cinema and the Politics of Performance in Neoliberalism, Rolando B Tolentino
Power Plays and Colonial Politics: Seditious Sarsuwelas and the Sedition Act of 1901, Lily Ann B. Villaraza

Session 146: Intimacies of Cultural/Area Studies (2) - sponsored by Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee
Is There a Southeast Asian Text in This Asian Cultural Studies Debate?, Adam Knee
Made In Asia? Doing Cultural Studies in the Region, Melani Budianta
Vietnamese Cultural Studies, Mariam Lam

Session 147: From Collection to Knowledge Production: Examining the Archive(s) in Southeast Asia
Archiving Mass Murder: Context, the Camera, and the Khmer Rouge, Caswell Michelle
Performance as Archives in Southeast Asia: An Ethnomusicological Perspective, Jesse A. Johnston
The Archive in the Archives: Postcolonialisms in Archival Studies, Andrew J. Lau
These Images Are Similar, But Are Not the Same: Digitization and Worcester's Visual Archives of Indigenous Filipinos, Ricardo L. Punzalan

Session 148: Cultures and Societies of the Indochinese Peninsula and the Ancient South China Sea Trade Routes
Exogenous and Indigenous Elements in the Formation of Early States in Central Vietnam, My Dung Lam
Hindu Belief and the Maritime Network in Southern Vietnam during the Early Common Era, Lien T Le
Materia Medica, Spices, and Cultural Contact between the Ancient People of the Geographic Space that is now Southern China and Northern Vietnam, C. Michele Thompson
What Early Cham Architecture Indicates about the Rise to Prominence n Central Vietnam of Champa, Tien Dong Nguyen

Session 149: Theories of Southeast Asian Politics: Colliding Ideologies or Parallel Universes?
Babies and Bathwater: A Critical Assessment of the Structures, Ideology and Practice of Two Southeast Asia Labour Movements, Michele Ford
Class and the Changing Disposition of Thai Politics, Jim Glassman
Consultative Authoritarianism and Regime Change Analaysis: Implications of the Singapore Case, Garry Rodan
Power over Institutions: Labour Politics in Southeast Asia, Jane Hutchison
The Limits of Civil Society: Social Movements and Political Parties in Southeast Asia, Meredith Weiss
Theories of Politics in Southeast Asia: Debates in Parallel Universes, Richard Robison

Session 150: Spectacles and the Southeast Asian City
Politics of the pyre: Early twentieth-century Siamese funeral architecture and national identity, Lawrence Chua
Spectacles for Comparison: Urban Sport and Postcoloniality in Southeast Asia, Chee Kien Lai
The Aesthetics of Evidence: The Spectacular Display of Crime, Science, and the City in Thailand, Samson Lim
What have lotteries got to do with national celebrations - Questions on the spectacles of chance in Singapore, Kah Wee Lee

Session 182: Islam, Corporatization, and Economy in Southeast Asia - Sponsored by the Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei Studies Group
“New” Islamic Governance: The PAS and PKS Evolution, Bridget Welsh
A Corporate Sharia Elite in Malaysia: Sharia Advisors to the Islamic Economy, Patricia Sloane-White
Circulating Shariah: Ubudiah, Masuliah and Dinar in Kelantan, Timothy P. Daniels
From ‘Kadi Justice’ to e-Syariah Governance: Corporatization and Discourses of Transformation in Malaysia’s Islamic Judiciary , Michael G. Peletz
Women’s Empowerment and Islam in Post-Tsunami Aceh, Chie Saito

Session 183: Roundtable: Srivijayan Art in Light of New Scholarship

Session 184: Roundtable: A Time to Reflect and a Time to Move Forward - Sponsored by the Council of Teachers of Southeast Asian Languages

Session 185: State Society Relations and Natural Resource Management in Cambodia
As Good As it Gets: Insights into Forest (Mis-)Management, State and Society in the village of Bey, Robin Biddulph
Coercion in the international diffusion of liberalism: insights from the dynamics of Cambodia’s transformation, Andrew Cock
Misgivings Over Cambodia's Neoliberal Order: Case Studies from the Agricultural Sector, Maylee Thavat
State-making and forest conservation in remote Cambodia, Sarah Milne

Session 186: States of Desire: Sexual Cultures in Southeast Asia
Between Love and Vice: The Double Character of Same-Sex Sexuality in late French Colonial Vietnam, 1930-1940, Quang Anh Richard Tran
Erecting Boundaries: Classed, Racialized, and Transnational Masculinities among male clients in Ho Chi Minh City’s Global Economy of Sex, Kimberly Kay Hoang
Les is More: Challenges with Lesbian (Les) Inclusion in Vietnam’s LGBT Rights Organizing, Natalie Newton
Modernity and romantic desire in Singapore: cosmopolitanism and cultural identity as sexual capital in a globalized dating sphere, Mirabelle Yang

Session 187: Everyday Politics in Burma
Childhood and Everyday Forms of Agency, Mary Callahan
Cohesion and Collision: The Politics of U Tin Yi’s Bi-Musicality Performance in Burma, Tasaw Hsin-chun Lu
The Politics of Everyday Life in Twenty-first Century Myanmar, Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung
The Underground Trade by the Migrant Yunnanese Chinese since the 1960s in Burma, Wen-chin Chang

Session 223: Natural Resource Management and State Territorialization in Southeast Asia
Between Bureaucratization and Territorialization: The Role of Peasants in State Formation in Java, Takeshi Ito
Making Knowledge and Territory: Ecological Knowledge Productions on the Nu-Salween River , Vanessa Lamb
New Rules, Same Results: The Impact of Decentralization on Local Communities in North Maluku, Eastern Indonesia , Christopher Duncan
Property Rights or Responsibilities? A Study of the Value of Property Rights to Farming Households in Northern Vietnam, Cari Coe

Session 224: The Challenges of Peace and Development in the Southern Philippines
"Move Beyond Keeping the Peace!": Peace and Development Communities (PDCs) and the Philippine Government-Moro National Liberation Front Peace Process, Starjoan Villanueva
“Collating Consultations”: Democratizing the Mindanao Peace Process, Albert E. Alejo S.J.
Healing Communities, Reclaiming Traditions: Legal Pluralism, Islamic Revivalism, and Ethno-based peace and Development in Muslim Mindanao, Alber Husin
The Peace and Ancestral Domain Struggle of Mindanao Lumads 101: Past, Present and Future, Jason R. Sibug

Session 225: Newly Changing Landscapes of the Thai Past: Impossible Histories and Possible Futures in Thailand Since May 2010
An “Ethnic” Reading of “Thai” History in the Twilight of the Century-old Thai National Model , David Streckfuss
Bangkok in March-May 2010 and the Poverty of Historographic Exceptionalism: Post-1945 Thailand in Gerschenkronian and Myintian Perspective , Michael Montesano
Engendering Sedition: Darunee Charnchoengsilpakul, Ethel Rosenberg, and the Violence of Intention , Tyrell Haberkorn
Murder and (un)Progress in Modern Siam, Episode II: An Omen for Thailand’s Future , Prajak Kongkirati

Session 226: Roundtable: Law, Politics and Culture in Contemporary Aceh

Session 227: New Forms of Social Organization in Cambodia
A "People's" Irrigation Reservoir on the Tonle Sap Floodplain, John A. Marston
Community and Religious Ceremony in Cambodia: Pchum Ben and Social Change, Judy Ledgerwood
Farmers' Associations in Cambodia: Internal Functions and External Relations, Chanrith Ngin
Grass-roots Participation in Agircultural Water Governance in Cambodia, Vathana Thun

Session 267: The “Age of Commerce” in Mainland Southeast Asia: Case Studies on a Contested TheoryThis is one of two panels examining critically the impact of Anthony Reid's work on Southeast Asian Studies and follows the new, creative format. There will be no discussants but rather active participation from the audience.
“Representing the Other in Thai early modern visual culture”, Maurizio Peleggi
God in the Age of Commerce: Catholic Conversion in Vietnam, 1600-1700, Nhung Tuyet Tran
Tongking in the Age of Commerce, Tana Li

Session 268: Roundtable: Digital Access to Scholarly Resources on Southeast Asia: Trends & Challenges - Supported by CORMOSEA

Session 269: Militarized Natures and Development Narratives in SE Asia
Feeding the Revolution: Highland Identity and the Mobilization for War at Dien Bien Phu, Christian C. Lentz
Hedgerows Versus Hardpan: Reading Military Occupation in the Lowland Landscapes of Central Vietnam, David A. Biggs
Political Ecologies of War and Forests: Counter-insurgencies and the Making of National Natures, Nancy L. Peluso

Session 271: Exploring Agrarian Transformations in Southeast Asia: Session 1
Agrarian change in Vietnam: the view from the city, Jonathan Rigg
Expansion of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) in Mainland Southeast Asia: What are the prospects for small holders? , Jefferson Fox
Resettlement, rehabilitation and differentiation in northern uplands Vietnam, Nga Dao
Resource Governance at the Margins: Experiences from the mangrove-estuary communities of south-western Cambodia, Melissa Marschke
Thaksin, forest conservation and the question of illegal land occupation: The birth and destruction of a less coercive forest policy? , Jean-Philippe Leblond

Session 312: Exploring Agrarian Transformations in Southeast Asia Session 2
Deagrarianization and Reagrarianization: Making sense of a revitalization in agrarian livelihoods in Southern Thailand, Peter Vandergeest
Rural discontent and politics of the underclass in Northern Thailand, Chusak Wittayapak
Securing Food Sovereignty, Elizabeth Louis

Session 313: Land, Rivers, and Villagers: New Research on Rural Politics in Southeast Asia - Sponsored by Southeast Asia Council
Not So Colorful: Looking at the Red-Shirt Movement from the Thai Countryside, Yoshinori Nishizaki
Rivers in Southeast Asian History and State-building, James C. Scott
Struggle over Land and Land Policy in Contemporary Indonesia, Noer Fauzi Rachman
The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same: How rural uplands have been transformed by migration, forest conservation and land tenure policy in Vietnam and Indonesia, Pamela McElwee

Session 314: Roundtable: Translating Old Thai Literature: Learnings from Khun Chang Khun Phaen

Session 315: The Age of Commerce in the Longe Durée: Local Indentities and State Powers in the Modern Era
God and Nation: Catholicism and the Emergence of Indonesian National Identities on the Island of Flores, Eastern Indonesia, Caty Greene Husbands
Love and Hate of Southeast Asia to the West: Ambivalence of Indonesian people toward Western medicine in the colonial era", Akira Oki
Ransom, Escape and Debt: Emancipation and its Legacy of indebtedness in the Sulu Zone, Jim Warren
Two Models of Catholic-Muslim Cooperation: Catholic NGO Responses to the Tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia, 2004-2005, George Teodoro, S.J.

Session 354: Weavers’ Stories from Island Southeast Asia
Getting the Story: Motivations and Methods in Filming Weavers’ Stories, Roy W. Hamilton
On Owning and Losing: Weavers’ Tales from Sumba and East Timor, Jill Forshee
The Weaver’s House: Situated Listening, Translation and Video in the Highlands of Mindanao, Cherubim A. Quizon
Weavers’ Stories: Evaluating the Educational Programs, Gina Hall

Session 355: ‘Historical Narratives and Societal Change in Cambodia since 1979’
‘Formal and Informal Education and Genocide in Cambodia since 1979’., Sothy Eng
Genocide, Memory, and Ambivalence in Cambodia: A Cambodian American Perspective’, Teri Yamada
Performance as (Re)Incarnation: the Sdech Korn Narrative, Astrid Noren-Nilsson

Session 356: Encounters Between the Living and Dead: Practices of Commemorating, Finding, Appeasing, and Burying Dead Vietnamese within and beyond Vietnam
'Voices from the Otherworld': War Martyrs and Their Mediums in Post-Doi Moi Vietnam , Kirsten W. Endres
“Your Words Echo Forever”: Memorial Songs of the Vietnam Wars (1945-1975), Jason Gibbs
Commemorating the Vietnamese First World War Dead, 1915-2011: French Hegemony Uncontested?, Tobias Rettig
Objects of Tension: The Vietnamese Boat People’s Memorials and the Politics of Memorialization, Quan Tue Tran
Remembering the War Dead of the Vietnamese Liberation Forces: The ‘Operation Wandering Souls’ Project, Bob Hall
Vietnamese Concepts of Appeasing Wandering Souls as a Methodology of Psychological Healing for American and Vietnamese War Veterans, Their Families, and Their Communities: a Powerpoint, Film Clip, and Oral Presentation, Wayne Karlin

Session 358: Various Faces of Political Islam in Democratic Indonesia: Origins, Processes, and Consequences
Capitalism, the State, and Civil Islam in Indonesia, Tuong Vu
Ideological Adaptability and the Role of Islamic Groups in Indonesia’s Democratization , LaiYee Leong
Integrated Islamic Education, Political Islam and Indonesian Democracy, Suzaina Kadir
Islam for All? Electoral Changes and Religious Party Mobilization in Democratic Indonesia, Kikue Hamayotsu
The decline of Traditionalist Muslim Party in Indonesia, Yon Machmudi

Session 359: The Intellectual Legacy of Southeast Asian Historian Constance Wilson - Sponsored by Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Studies Group
Nation Building, the Nation State, and Shan in Maehongson Province, northwestern Thailand, Nicola Tannenbaum
Politics Across the Mekong River: the Relationship Between Nan and Sipsong Panna in Early Nineteenth Century, Ratanaporn Sethakul
The 1901-1902 Millenarian Revolts of Southern Laos and Ubon Ratchathani: Considering the Influence of the Champassak Royal Family, Ian G. Baird
Whither Southeast Asia?: Constance Wilson, the Middle Mekong, and Scholarship. , Richard A. O'Connor

Session 400: The Challenges of Peace and Development in the Southern Philippines, Part 2.
'Outsourcing' Peace: Notes on Donor Agencies and Local Civil Society Collaboration in the Mindanao Peace Process , Rufa Guiam
Internationalization of the Peace Process with the Muslim Separatist Fronts, Steven Rood
Peace and Development in Mindanao and Japanese Aid Policy: the Experience of Japan's Official Development Assistance to Mindanao, Hideo Agarie
Peace-building Among Mindanao Soldiers, Gail Ilagan

Session 401: Democracy and Crisis in Thailand
Members of Parliament and Street Politics in Thailand, Aim Simpeng
Structural Context of the Thai Political Crisis: The Triangle of Power Spheres, Viengrat Nethipo
The 2010 Thai Crisis in Comparative-Historical Perspective, Erik M Kuhonta
The Political Culture of Thailand's Middle-income Peasants, Andrew Walker

Session 402: Networks Wide and Narrow: Early Modern Vietnam in the Larger World, 1700-1885
Consular Optics: France and Counter-Insurgency in the China-Vietnam Borderlands, 1874-1882, Bradley C. Davis
Early Modern Globalization and the Vietnamese Integration during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Tuan Hoang
Interests, Institutions, and Identity: the Evolution of Minh Huong (ca. 17th-20th Centuries), Charles Wheeler
Philiphe Binh and Vietnamese Catholics in the Early Modern Global Christian Community, George Dutton

Session 403: Aliran Now? Identity and Political Competition in the New Indonesian Democracy - Indonesian and East Timor Studies Committee
Ants to Sugar: Candidate Recruitment and Entry in Indonesia, Nathan Allen
Religious Voting in Indonesia 2009 General Election, Sunny Tanuwidjaja
The Politics of Identity in Indonesia: Results from Campaign Advertisements, Colm Fox

Session 404: Cosmopolis II: Urban Aspirations
Going Solo: Cosmopolitan Leadership and Everyday Life in a City in Central Java, Tim Bunnell
Ideologies of Urban Planning and Local Dynamics in Hanoi and Saigon in the Interwar Years, Hazel H Hahn
Rearticulating Home: Absent Voices, Louie T Navarro
Rural-to-Urban Mobility Across National and Transnational Space in Bangkok, Jakarta, and Singapore, Eric C Thompson
Urban Aspirations and the Aspirational City, Daniel PS Goh

Session 447: Histories of Vietnamese Anticommunism
The Petty Bourgeoisie as the Vanguard of Nationalism: Anticommunist Thought in the Republic of Vietnam, Nu-Anh Tran
Varieties of Late Colonial Vietnamese Anticommunism, Peter Zinoman
Vietnamese American Anticommunist Discourse and the Parameters of Community, Thuy Dang

Session 448: Performing the Nation: Revolution, Suppression, and Reconciliation in Indonesia - Sponsored by Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee
“Yes, We Can”: Sovereignty, Audience, and the Appeal of Slippery Pronouns in The Obama Song for West Papua, Danilyn Rutherford
Itinerant Performers in the Year of Living Dangerously, Laurie Margot Ross
Songs as a Weapon Against Dutch Colonial Rule in the Netherlands East Indies, 1920s-1940s: Revolutionary Songs Complied by Harry Poeze, Harry A. Poeze
Theater and the Nation, Then and Now, Barbara Hatley

Session 449: Dutch Sources in East and Southeast Asian Historiography of the 17th and 18th Centuries
Foundin Translation: the Deshima Diaries, Dutch sources on Tokugawa Japan, Isabel van Daalen
Gateaway To Asian History:The Batavia Diaries By Voc Officials, Mona M. Lohanda
Redrawing Maps: Dutch and Chinese source publications and the reconstruction of Taiwanese topography, Peter P. Kang
The Chinese archives of the Kong Koan of Batavia, Nie N. Dening
The use of VOC source publications for historical economic research about early modern Monsoon Asia., Huiwen H. Koo

Session 486: Roundtable: Reaching Out: Film Educators in Southeast Asia

Session 487: International Dimensions of the Vietnamese Crisis, 1945-1975
France and the American POW Issue during the Vietnam War, Pierre Journoud
Hanoi's International Strategy: Small Power Diplomacy in the Cold War, Lien-Hang Nguyen
Maneuvering Between the Battling Whales: North Korea and the Vietnam War, 1964-1975, Balazs Szalontai
Phat Diem: Neutralism, Diplomacy and Identity in the First Indochina War, Ronald Spector
Restoring the North Vietnamese "People" to the History of the War, Harish Mehta

Session 488: Islamist Movements in Southeast Asia: Radicalization and Rehabilitation
From jihad to local politics: a biographical approach of post-jihadists in Indonesia, Muhammad Najib Azca
The Southern Thailand Insurgency, 2000 - 2009: A New Islamist Movement in Southeast Asia?, Son Ninsri
The Urge to Fight in Indonesia: Demobilization, Rebellion and Jihad in Historical Perspective , Chris Lundry

Session 489: Center for Lao Studies’ Ethnic Classification and Identification in the Diasporas
Constructing a Digital Media Infrastructure for the Lao Oral History Archive, Steve Arounsack
Constructing Community Across Border: A Study of Lao Migrants in Thailand, Maniemai Thongyou
Hmong American imagination and Laos: the politics of history, culture and identity, Chia Youyee Vang
Lao Oral History Archive (LOHA), Vinya Sysamouth
The classification and the naming of ethnic groups in the Lao P.D.R., Sengfa Holanouphab
The language maintenance and shift of Lao Song Dam in the western region of Thailand , Somsonge Burusphat

Session 490: Twentieth Century Southeast Asian Works of Art: Material Choices and Behaviour
A synthesis of dialogues, analysis and interpretation: Technical art history studies at the Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore , Selina Halim
Artists Interviews: Documenting Unconventional Materials, Musrizal mat isa
Establishing Cost-Effective Measures To Ensure the Authenticity of Works Of Art Declared As Important Cultural Property In A Third World Setting , Larry Cruz
Materials & Techniques of Twentieth Century oil paintings in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand: an overview, Nicole A Tse
Oil Paint Manufacture and Collaboration with practicing Thai artists, Supanee Chayabutra
Wall Slogan of the Cultural Revolution on Building in Fushan: The Studies of Technique, Material and Deterioration, Roy Sit Kai Sin

Session 531: Indonesian Cinema after Reformasi
Dreaming the New Republic: “Republik Mimpi” and the Indonesian Public’s Anxiety about the Role of the Press , Ganda Taruna Mangiri
Industry or Not? Rethinking Contemporary Indonesian Film Production, Kus Pudjiati
Industry or Not? Rethinking Contemporary Indonesian Film Production, Veronika Kusumaryati
Martial Arts, Islam, and Traditional Values in Indonesian Cinema, Ekky Imanjaya
The Curious Past in Indonesian Historical Film: Challenging the Historical Paradigm Presented in Pengkhianatan G 30 S/PKI , Nayla Majestya

Session 532: De-institutionalizing Religion in Southeast Asia: Minority Perspectives
Buddhism on the Border: Cross-border Migration and Shan Buddhism in Northern Thailand, Tadayoshi Murakami
Buddhist Practices in Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan, China, Takahiro Kojima
Re-instituionalization of Confucianism and Its Implications in Post-Soeharto Indonesia , Yumi Kitamura
Religion as Non-religion: The Place of Chinese Temples in Phuket, Southern Thailand, Tatsuki Kataoka
Two Versions of Buddhist Karen History of the late British Colonial Period in Burma (Myanmar), Kazuto Ikeda
Visiting the thang mâgik, making offerings to mâ kei-- Ancestor worship of “the Old Islamic Group” in Vietnam , Yasuko Yoshimoto

Session 533: Democracy, Decentralization, and Islam: The Politics of Contemporary Indonesia
Democracy amidst Scarcity: Investigating Indonesia’s Democratization Success , M. Steven Fish
Democracy amidst Scarcity: Investigating Indonesia’s Democratization Success, Danielle Lussier
Deradicalization and Disengagement: Lessons from Indonesia, Julie Chernov Hwang
Deradicalization and Disengagement: Lessons from Indonesia, Rizal Panggabean
Do Demonstrations Matter?: The Case of Indonesia, Jennifer L. Epley
Resisting State Intervention: The Relationships Between Muslim Organizations and the State, Eunsook Jung
The Politics of Executive Elections in Indonesia, Michael Buehler

Session 534: China's Rise in Southeast Asia - Sponsored by the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs
"China-Indonesia Economic Relations since Suharto", Anne Booth
Balancing growth and environmental protection in China-ASEAN relations", Jörn Dosch
China's FDI in the ASEAN Region, Margot Schueller
Chinese Investment in Hydropower and the Restructuring of Politico-economic Relations in the Mekong Basin, Oliver Hesengerth
Overseas Chinese and China: Changing Links since the 1990s, Krislert Samphantharak
The limits of China’s political sensitivity in its relations with continental Southeast Asia: managing bilateral disagreements with Burma/Myanmar, Juergen Haacke

Session 535: Sexual Modernities in Southeast Asia: Autoethnography, (Auto)Colonialism, Cosmopolitanism, and the Gothic
“Bangkok Gothic”: Colonialism, Adventure and the Erotic in Khru Liam’s Modern Siamese Novel Nang Neramit (‘Divine Nymphs’, 1916), Rachel Harrison
Gorky, Hollywood, Yogyakarta: Inventing Indonesian “Men” and “Women” in the 1950s., Tony Day
Sexualising Foreign Bodies, Criminalising Local Bodies: the Negotiation of Modern Gender Identities in 1970s Thai Semi-fiction, Janit Feangfu
The Autoethnography of Sex in Colonial Vietnam, Ben Tran

Session 564: Credit Histories and Transnational Economies in Southeast Asia: States, Institutions, Individuals, and Communities
Adventure Capital: Political Enterprise in Colonial Southeast Asia, Penny Edwards
Be Careful in What you Wish for: The Departure of the Chettiars and the Great Void in Burma’s Financial System, Sean Turnell
Capital on the Run: The Racialized Economies of Chinese and British Bank Evacuations from Rangoon, 1942 , Tina M Chen
Credit, Contract, and the Origins of the State in Southeast Asia, David Henley
Informing Communities: The Role of News Networks in Globalising Southeast Asia 1920-1960, Su Lin Lewis

Session 565: Votes for Power in Southeast Asia
"Swing Voter Politics in Malaysia and Indonesia: The Play of Opinion Polls", Akiko Morishita
Approaching an End of Politics of Reward and Punishment?: Elections and Malay-Ethnic Politics in Malaysia, Motoko Kawano
Pitfalls of Moral Politics in the Post-Marcos Philippine: Contested Border of “Civil” and “Uncivil”, Wataru WK Kusaka
The “Invention” of Parties and Candidates: The Ad Business and Image Politics in the Democratized Indonesia, Masaaki Okamoto

Session 566: Aberration or Adaptation? Illiberal Democracy in Southeast Asia - Sponsored by the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs
Democracy and the Quality of Governance , Francis Fukuyama
Ground Up or Ground Down? Local-level Democracy in Indonesia, Benny Subianto
Promoting Autocracy? China's "Charm Offensive" in Southeast Asia, Marco Bünte
The Good vs. the Many: Reformism and Populism in Thailand and the Philippines, Mark R. Thompson

Session 567: Post-Reunification Modernities in Vietnam and the Narrative of Rupture
Coming out of the Forest: Early Renovation Literature and the Turn to the Everyday, Rebekah L. Collins
Everyday Discourses of Dissent in Contemporary Vietnam, Jonathan W. Warren
Promising Opportunity: Commercial Diplomacy in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Matthew G. Schwarz
Voices in the Shadow of Independence: Vietnamese Opinion on Some National Issues in the Period of 1979 – 1986, Huong T.D. Nguyen

Session 601: Isan, Beneath The Red Shirt: Transformations in Northeastern Thailand
"We are developing ourselves”: Entrepreneurship, Local Investment, and “Going Forth” in Contemporary Northeastern Thai Culture , Dr. Maureen Hickey
Burning red desires: Isaan migrants, capitalism, and social equality, Claudio Sopranzetti
From Peasant to Cosmopolitan Villagers: The Refiguring of the ‘Rural’ in Northeastern Thailand , DR. Charles Keyes
From Red to Red: An Auto-ethnography of Economic and Political Transitions in a Northeast Thai Village , Pattana Kitiarsa
Smoldering Aspirations: Burning Buildings and the Politics of Belonging in Northeastern Thailand. , Eli A Elinoff
Theravada Buddhism and Political Engagement among the Thai-Lao of Northeast Thailand:The Bun Phra Wet Ceremony , Dr, Leedom Lefferts

Session 602: The Politics of "Psikologi" in Colonial, Postcolonial, and Post-Reformasi Indonesia
“I have Nrimo, therefore I am a volunteer”: The Javanese Philosophical Perspective and Post-Traumatic Growth of Humanitarian Volunteers in Post-Earthquake Yogyakarta and Central Java , Nelden D. Djakababa
40 Years of Silence: The Cultural Politics of Repression in Post-1965 Indonesia, Robert Lemelson
Colonial Psychiatry Meets the Indonesian Nationalist Movement: The 1924 Debate over the Nature of the Native Mind, Hans Pols
Muhammad, ESFJ: Prophetic Psychology, Personality Tests, and Civic Virtue in Contemporary Indonesia , James B. Hoesterey

Session 603: (En)Gendering Philippine Studies
Hybridity, otherness, and polyglot communities in the Philippines, Korea, Japan, and other Southeast Asian societies: How trans-national marriages and bi-racial children are pushing the boundaries on “tolerance building” and social identities. , Jacqueline A. Siapno
The Blasphemy of Maria Campan: Gendering Apostasy and Piety in the Caraga Revolt of 1631, Oona Thommes Paredes
Vague Stirrings: Feminization as Unconscious Resistance in Orientalist Imagery, Joel David

Session 604: Writing Burmese history in the aftermath of Michael Aung Thwin's The Mists of Ramanna - Sponsored by Burma Studies
Anawrahta's Camelot: Arimaddanapura - Bagan and Burmese historiography , Goh Geok Yian
In search of the Dhammaraja ideal in modern Burmese contexts, Juliane Schober
Michael Aung-Thwin's Work: the anthropological and linguistic background, F.K. Lehman
Pyu and Mon in early Burmwese history, a look at the linguistic evidence , Julian Wheatley
Wadee, a newly excavated Pyu city, Myo Nyunt Aung

Session 605: Migrant Experiences: Jewish Communities in and from South and Southeast Asia
: Negotiating Identity: Being Indian and Jewish in America , Joan G Roland
“A Total Loss to Judaism”?: The Jews of Manila, 1898-2011, Jonathan Goldstein
Baghdadi Jewish Communities in Colonial Hong Kong, Malaya and Singapore during the Second World War , Felicia Yap
Baghdadi Jewish Communities in Southeast Asia: How far did they stray from their Babylonian traditional and Cultural Roots?, Maisie J Meyer
The Jews of Afghanistan: Relations with Muslims and Reasons for Emigration, Sara Y Aharon

Session 607: History of Indonesia

Session 644: Globalization, Nationhood and Citizenship in Southeast Asia
Bangkok Citizens, Domestic Laborers, and International Migrants: Examining the Contested Constructions on Migration, Rootedness, and Autochthony in Thailand, Gregory Gullette
Border Wars: The Ongoing Temple Dispute Between Thailand and Cambodia, Helanie Silverman
Cultural Citizens and Singapore, Norman Vasu
Nations, Civilizations and Intercultural Contact – A Communicational Perspective, Alan Chong
Why Not Like That? Pronatalist Policies and Citizens’ Responses, Shirley (Hsiao-Li) Sun

Session 645: International Labour Migration and Migrants in Southeast Asia: Prospects and Challenges
ASEAN Trade and Investment Liberalization Policies, the Burmese Economy and Burmese Migrants’ Remittances , Myat Mon
Beyond economic remittances: exploring the diasporic connections and contributions of highly skilled Filipino migrants in New Zealand and Australia , Sheila Siar
International Labour Migration and Migration Issues in Southeast Asia, Amarjit Kaur
The Impact of Labour Migration into Colonial Malaya, 1920s-1950, Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied
Transnational Governance, Labour Mobility and Women Workers in Southeast Asia, Kiranjit Kaur

Session 646: Questioning Historical Actors in Burmese Histories
Alaungmintaya (1752-60): Exploring the Representation of a Burmese Dynasty Founder in Burmese and Western Historiography, Jacques P. Leider
Change, Fluidity and Unidentified Actors: Understanding the Organization and History of Upper Burmese Samgha from the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries, Alexey Kirichenko
Contextualizing Mon History Writing, Patrick McCormick
Delving into Eight Centuries of Burmese Palatial Architecture: King Mindon and an Illustrated Manuscript Dated 1855, Francois Tainturier
The Retelling of a Burmese Foundation Legend: Mahapon and Thissabanda and the Construction of Burmese Buddhist Identity, Patrick Pranke

Session 647: History, Modernity, and Cultural Transformation: Popular Music in Southeast Asia
Funky and Shariah: Sonic Discourses on Muslim Malay Modernity, Bart Barendregt
Pop Goes Melayu: Popular Music in 1960s Indonesia, Andrew N. Weintraub
Rapping the Javanese Groove: Hip-Hop and Political Activism in Urban Indonesia, Amrih Widodo
Syncretism and Multiculturalism in Singapore: Music in Peranakan Popular Cultures, Tong Soon Lee

Session 648: Economic Policymaking and the Philippine Development Experience, 1960-1985: An Oral History Project
Economic Dimensions of Technocracy in the Philippines , Cayetano Paderanga
Economic Policymaking and the Philippine Development Experience, 1960-1985: An Overview, Yutaka Katayama
The Marcos Technocracy and State-Building, Temario C Rivera
The Philippine Technocracy and the Politics of Economic Decision-Making (1960-1985), Teresa E Tadem

Session 649: State, Stability and Reform II

Session 690: Narrating Power and the Machine: Technology and State-Society Relations in Indoneisa
Band and Bandwidth: Community Media and the Contest of Power in Rural Indonesia, Merlyna Lim
Fighting poverty with technology: exploring a sociotechnical imaginary in post-colonial Indonesia, Suzanne Moon
Indonesia’s Rural Electrification Project: Development and Political Control in the Countryside., Yulianto Mohsin
Revisiting power and technological construction in Indonesia: The problem of disembeddedness, Yanuar Nugroho

Crossing over: the revolutionary tale of Vu Van Viet and his wife, Nguyen Thi Quy, Hang M. Le
From ideology to instrumentalization: the moral model of Ho Chi Minh in early twenty-first century as a lever of post-collectivist governance of the masses. , Michel Fournié
Nguyên Manh Hà and Pham Ngoc Thuan : Cross portraits of two Catholic personalities of the 20th century, Lien T. Tran
Nguyen Thi Minh Khai: More than a Revolutionary Martyr, Sophia Quinn-Judge

Session 693: Music in the mid-19th century print culture of the Philippines
Adapting the Western ideology of music composition in the last half of 19th century Manila , Jose S. Buenconsejo
Los Periódicos de Manila : Music Reportage in the Nineteenth Century, Ma. Patricia B. Silvestre
THE UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS PRINTING PRESS IN THE 19TH CENTURY With a Focus on the UST Archives and Rare Book Section of the Central Library (Manila, Philippines) , Regalado T. Jose
Travel, Music, Books: The Musical Score in 19th Century Travel Accounts of the Philippines , Flora Elena R. Mirano

Session 694: The Legacy of S. Ann Dunham (Soetoro) for Asian Studies
Ann Dunham (Soetoro) and the Ethnoarchaeology of Iron-Working in Central Java, John Miksic
Scholarship and Social Engagement: S. Ann Dunham (Soetoro) as Indonesianist and Anthropologist, Robert W Hefner
The Ann Dunham Papers: a material legacy, Bron Solyom
Women's Changing Roles in Javanese Villages, Alice G Dewey

Session 735: Violence, Displacement, and Islamic Movements in Southeast Asia, 19th-20th Centuries
A Home for the Dispossessed: Warfare, Diaspora, and the Rise of the Pondok, 1870-1910, Francis R Bradley
Colonised Lands and Caliphal Longing in 1920s Malaya: Terengganu’s Turkish Lodestar, Amrita Malhi
Holy War Across Empires: Perang Sabil as Colonial Discourse in the Netherlands East Indies and the Philippines, Joshua Gedacht
Same Fight, Different Reasons: Islamic Narratives of the Indonesian Revolution, Kevin W. Fogg

Session 736: Everyday Politics, Globalization and Local Communities: The Impact of Globalization and Responses of Selected Communities in the Philippines and Thailand
Framework for the Study of Everyday Politics, Eduardo C. Tadem
Globalization and Agricultural Communities: Varying Community Responses to the Patenting of Plant Varieties in Bilar, Bohol, Maria Ela L. Atienza
Impact of Globalization on a Border Community: A Study of Politics of Identity in Southern Thailand, Betong District , Chantana Banpasirichote
Liberalizing the Mining Industry: The Experience of Communities in Rapu-Rapu, Albay , Ruth Lusterio-Rico

Session 737: Representing and Negotiating Change in Southeast Asian Music.
“We Are Your Object”: Politics of/and Representation in Contemporary Intercultural Productions Between Balinese and American Artists, Andrew C McGraw
An Analysis of Contemporary Lanna Music Composition in Chiang Mai: A Case-Study of the Neo-Traditional Ensemble Changsaton, Thitipol Kanteewong
Becoming Cosmopolitan, Going Nativist: The Project of Indonesian Musik Kontemporer, Christopher J Miller
Borrowing, Stealing, Transforming: Foreign Materials in Balinese Neo-Traditional Music and the Evolution of Local Concepts of the “Work.” , Wayan Sudirana

Session 738: Hybrid Communities and the State in Malaysia
Peranakan in the Malay World: Fine-Tuner of Nationality and Ethnicity, Hiroyuki Yamamoto
The Peranakan Chinese and Malaysian nationalism, Neil J.K. Khor
The Sino-Kadazan and Kadazanism in Sabah, Malaysia , Danny T.K. Wong
Upland-Lowland Continuum: The Kemena Riverine Community in Northern Sarawak, Malaysia , Noboru Ishikawa

Session 739: Unpacking the Epilogue to the Netherlands East Indies
A Life Between Nations: The Genesis of an Indonesian Soldier from Kumamoto, William Bradley Horton
Fences Inside the Fence: Postscript to the Semarang Comfort Women Incident, Mayumi Yamamoto
Fraternising with the Enemy. Post-War Judgements of a Wartime Dilemma, Eveline Buchheim
Indisch Organizations in the Netherlands: A Prolonged Epilogue to the Colonial Era, Fridus Steijlen

Session 764: Politics in the Phillippines