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Interarea/Border-Crossing Session 676

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Session 676: Workshop: Using East Asian Popular Culture in the Classroom

Organizer: Jayson M. Chun, University of Hawaii, West Oahu, USA

Discussants: Michael Furmanovsky, Ryukoku University, Japan; Antonia Levi, Independent Scholar, USA; Catherine Bae, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Many university students have become avid consumers of East Asian popular culture, as evidenced through the popularity of Japanese animation or Korean dramas. How can instructors convert this surging interest in Asian popular culture into heightened interest in Asian Studies? This workshop is for faculty interested in exploring past and current issues in East Asia by integrating popular culture into the curriculum. Presentations will be kept to a minimum, as this workshop will be more `hands-on` with specific examples and lesson plans. Noted anime expert Toni Levi, who has written extensively on the uses of Japanese anime and manga in the classroom, will offer her suggestions for college-level instructors. Dr. Michael Furmanovsky will look at the challenges teaching Japanese popular culture to Japanese university students. His talk will be of use to instructors teaching students who have more surface knowledge, but less analytical knowledge, than the instructor. Dr. Catherine Yoonah Bae will examine how to introduce Asian popular culture to students with little exposure to East Asia. Dr. Jayson Makoto Chun will go over the basics of syllabus redesign to make use of East Asian popular culture. The focus will be on Japan and Korean popular culture, but is open to all scholars, and audience participation will be welcome.