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China and Inner Asia Session 553

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Session 553: Roundtable: The State of the Field: Ming Studies in Asia and Europe - Sponsored by Society for Ming Studies

Organizer: Yonglin Jiang, Bryn Mawr College, USA

Discussants: Xinfeng Li, Peking University, USA; Li-yueh Lin, , Taiwan (R.O.C.); Harriet Zurndorfer, Leiden University, Netherlands; Tooru Inoue, Osaka City University, Japan

Some twenty years ago, a group of Ming scholars discussed the “state of the field” of Ming studies at the AAS annual conference. Since then, although the field of Ming studies has been flourishing, the scholarly achievements around the world have not been systematically reviewed. This roundtable brings together discussants from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and Europe, and evaluates the state of the field in “Asia and Europe.” Leading scholars of Ming history themselves, the discussants will address the following issues in their particular regions: The main scholarly achievements; the new trends and characteristics in the field; the new perspectives, approaches, and methods; the new sources, databases, and multi-media materials; the presentation of Ming history in non-scholarly media; and the interaction and influence of Ming scholars around the world. The participants will distribute bibliographies to and engage in discussion with the audience. They will also post their presentation outlines on the Ming Society’s website; their final reports will be published in the Society’s journal Ming Studies, which will benefit not only scholarly fields but also grade school curriculum. Besides the four “formal” roundtable participants, a number of leading Ming historians from North America plan to be present to contribute, including Ted Farmer, Ann Waltner, Timothy Brook, Katy Carlitz, Katie Ryor, and Lucille Chia (as long as the time does not conflict with their own formal panels). To complement this panel, a second roundtable on “the state of field in North America” will be conducted during the Ming Society’s business meeting.