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Interarea/Border-Crossing Session 513

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Session 513: Roundtable: Looking Back and Looking Forward: AAS and Asian Studies, 1960-2010

Organizer: Robert W. Hefner, Boston University, USA

Discussants: Carol Gluck, Columbia University, USA; John C. Campbell, University of Michigan, Japan; James L. Watson, Harvard University, USA; Charles F. Keyes, University of Washington, USA; Anand A. Yang, University of Washington, USA; Pauline Yu, American Council of Learned Societies, USA

The AAS board would like to organize and highlight a roundtable about the History of the AAS and area studies. Panelists have been asked to reflect about the history of the AAS, major milestones and challenges, and the future of area studies. The board is particularly interested in having the participants put AAS history into the broader context of Asian Studies, by addressing the question: "How did the AAS engage with the historical critical debates over the years?" The panelists have been selected to represent a range of geographic and disciplinary specialties and each of the distinguished panelists has a long history with AAS and remain active in the academy. All but one of the panelists has confirmed their attendance, one confirmation is pending