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Interarea/Border-Crossing Session 432

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Session 432: Workshop: Fulbright Opportunities and Asia Specialists

Organizer: David B. J. Adams, , USA

Discussant: Cheryl E. Gibbs, U. S. Department of Education, USA

The session will familiarize Asia specialists with the Fulbright Scholar Program awards available to them in South, Northeast and Southeast Asia as well as with the Fulbright-Hays awards for faculty research abroad. Some information will also be available for graduate students interested in the Fulbright Student Program and Fulbright-Hays grants for dissertation research. A significant portion of the session will focus on strategies for preparing a competitive application for these various awards, with particular attention to identifying the most appropriate award, writing a compelling project statement, identifying contacts abroad, arranging an affiliation and choosing appropriate references. The session will also include a brief review of the opportunities that the Fulbright Scholar Program provides for U.S. Asia specialists to work with scholars from Asia with particular attention to the the Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program and the Occasional Lecturer Fund. The appropriate target audience includes faculty at all levels, professionals with records of research and publication, and advanced-level graduate students. The workshop will be lead by Dr. David Adams, assistant director for outreach and communications at the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, and Ms. Cheryl Gibbs, a senior program officer with the International Education Programs Service section of the U.S. Department of Education. Both have extensive experience administering their respective programs. Given the nature of the session, an additional participant is not needed. Several alumni of the program will be invited to present brief remarks on their experience at a Fulbright Scholar, but their names will not appear in the program.