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Southeast Asia Session 486

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Session 486: Roundtable: Reaching Out: Film Educators in Southeast Asia

Organizer: Paul Rausch, University of Hawaii, USA

Discussants: Nick Deocampo, Independent Scholar, USA; Bee Thiam Tan, Independent Scholar, USA; Lisabona Rahman, Independent Scholar, USA; Amir Muhammad, Independent Scholar, USA; Chalida Uabumrungjit, Independent Scholar, USA; Michael R. DiGregorio, Independent Scholar, USA

This round table will address issues related to education and the use of film as a tool for educational outreach in the experience of leading Southeast Asian educators, archivists, film scholars, and community programmers. The round table has been constructed to cover topics including the development of innovative educational materials using film and film resources people available in a local community; the importance of archival film preservation and the role played by film archives in Southeast Asia; the cultivation of a regional body of scholars working on and writing about Southeast Asian film; cooperative regional efforts to develop, share, and maintain film resources; and the role of government in supporting (or not) efforts to develop film resources as part of a country’s cultural heritage.