AAS Annual Meeting

South Asia Session 362

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Session 362: Roundtable: The Political Thought of Subalternity

Organizer: Anupama P Rao, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA

Discussants: Sudipta Kaviraj, Columbia University, USA; Ajay Skaria, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA; Gopal Guru, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

This roundtable returns to the question of subaltern identity, and to some of the vexed problems that accompany efforts to write subalternity into the history and politics of South Asia. Rather than a focus on subaltern agency and activism, however, the focus for the roundtable will be on the question of subaltern political thought and its place within the broader intellectual history of South Asia. The roundtable will address a series of questions --what constitutes the distinctive practices of subaltern thought and its relation to everyday life; the place of genealogy in the rewriting of subaltern identity, and finally, the relation between life, labor, and theory--as a way of addressing subaltern political thought as a distinctive form of critique.