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Interarea/Border-Crossing Session 340

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Session 340: Workshop on Using Media and Technology in Language Acquisition - Sponsored by Committee on Teaching about Asia

Organizer: Anne Prescott, Five College Center for East Asian Studies, USA

Discussants: Julia S. Lamb, Northern Illinois University, USA; Miho Matsugu, , USA; Cynthia Y. Ning, University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA

Creative use of technology enhances and deepens the acquisition of language and culture. In this workshop, which is co-sponsored by the Asian Educational Media Service (AEMS), innovative strategies for teaching language using Internet- and video-based teaching in both traditional language classes as well as language culture courses will be presented. The workshop will consist of the following strategies for language teaching and acquisition: 1. Encounters in Chinese Language and Culture Communicative Chinese Language Program, a fully integrated multimedia program for beginner-level Chinese that immerses students in the sounds of Mandarin Chinese while simultaneously exposing them to the sights and culture of China, presented by Cynthia Ning (Associate Director of the Center for Chinese Studies and US Director of the Confucius Institute, U of Hawaii), 2. Learning SE Asian languages and cultures using Northern Illinois University’s SEASite, presented by Julia Lamb (Outreach Coordinator and Research Associate, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, NIU), and 3. Teaching translation using manga, anime and computer technology, presented by Miho Matsugu (Asst. Prof. of Modern Languages and Japanese Studies, DePaul University). The presentations will be followed by a question and answer period. Instructors of all Asian languages and cultures at any level are encouraged to attend.