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Interarea/Border-Crossing Session 44

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Session 44: Workshop: Publishing Matters: Why was my book proposal rejected? A Workshop on Academic Publishing

Organizer: Paul H. Kratoska, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Discussants: Paul H. Kratoska, National University of Singapore, Singapore; Pamela Kelley, Independent Scholar, USA; Michael Duckworth, University of Hawaii, USA; Gerald B. Jackson, NIAS Press, Denmark

For an author, a book manuscript represents a major commitment in time and effort, and getting a book published is crucial to an academic career. For an acquisitions editor, a proposal or a manuscript can be one of hundreds or even thousands reviewed each year, many of which fail to clear the first hurdle. What should an author do to attract the interest of an acquisitions editor? And what makes a book manuscript attractive to a publisher? In this roundtable, a panel of acquisitions editors and publishers will discuss what they look for in evaluating a submission, and where authors go wrong.