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China and Inner Asia Session 289

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Session 289: Roundtable: Chinese Ancient Classics Publishing: Trends & Challenges

Organizer: Meishyan Chang, Independent Scholar, USA

Discussants: Yan Li, Independent Scholar, China; Ge Wu, Fudan University, USA; Xiaowei Gong, Independent Scholar, USA

Chinese ancient classics publishing has received national and international recognition for its significant academic achievements in the publishing history of China over the years. This roundtable aims at providing an international forum for a leading group of prominent Chinese scholars/publishers to offer their perspectives of the trends and challenges of Chinese ancient classics publishing in printed and digital formats in social sciences and humanities of pre-modern Chinese studies. The discussion will focus on an overall publishing landscape of Chinese ancient classics, the state of art of Chinese rare books and manuscripts publishing as well as the scholarly impact of publishing in adapting to the teaching, learning and research enterprise of interdisciplinary Chinese studies. It is designed to engage in a dialogue with an international audience of scholars, faculty members, graduate students and librarians to explore the opportunity of discovery and delivery of the academic community needs.