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Southeast Asia Session 226

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Session 226: Roundtable: Law, Politics and Culture in Contemporary Aceh

Organizer: Michael Feener, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Discussants: Leena Avonius, Independent Scholar, Indonesia; Michelle A. Miller, National University of Singapore, Singapore; Gunnar Stange, Independent Scholar, Germany; Antje Missbach, Monash University, Australia; Roman Patock, Independent Scholar, Germany; David Kloos, KITLV, Netherlands

This round table brings together diverse perspectives on the complex social dynamics of post-tsunami and post-conflict Aceh. The emergence from these two traumatic experiences has been characterized by dramatic social transformations since 2005. Over the past five years, the new openness of Aceh to outside researchers has also made the region the site of a growing range of exciting new scholarly work on developments in the fields of conflict resolution and peace building, post-disaster reconstruction and development, de-centralization, cultural heritage management, religious studies, gender studies, law, and politics. These diverse issues are interrelated at various levels, and analysis of them requires focused investigations by individual researchers, as well as communication and sustained engagement between scholars from different disciplines. The upcoming joint AAS/ICAS conference presents an excellent opportunity to bring together scholars from around the world to discuss key issues that cut across their individual research projects, including: the reconstitution of communities, the impact of international aid, political restructuring, legal change, cultural resilience, and religious revival. This session will be led by a panel of speakers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, all of whom have extensive recent experience on the ground in Aceh.