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China and Inner Asia Session 161

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Session 161: Roundtable: Social inequality in Chinese societies: Roundtable in honorof Rubie S. Watson

Organizer: Maris B. Gillette, University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA

Discussant: Yunxiang Yan, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Social inequality in Chinese societies: Roundtable in honor of Rubie S. Watson Abstract: Rubie Watson's pioneering research examines a range of social forces that produce, maintain, and contest social inequality in China. She has illuminated the economic and ideological forces that structure social inequality through her studies of kinship and class, women and work, histories and nation-building. Her innovative combination of ethnographic participant-observation fieldwork and intensive historical and archival research has made Chinese anthropology more central to historical and area studies scholarship. Her efforts to disseminate the results of her scholarship in multiple media, publish in a wide range of venues, and actively promote repatriation and community work have inspired many scholars to ensure their scholarship serves the public interest. In this roundtable panel, scholars from Hong Kong, mainland China, and the United States initiate a broad conversation about social inequality in China and avenues for future research about these issues. Panelists will address how Rubie Watson's work has inspired them to address gender and inequality in Chinese migrant family life (Nicole Newendorp), maternity and motherhood in China (Suzanne Zhang-Gottschang), changing lineage ideologies in mainland China (Jing Jun) and Hong Kong (Liu Tik-Sang), alternative histories among Chinese Muslims (Maris Gillette), gender, disabilities, and smoking in China (Matthew Kohrman), and transformations of family life in rural China (Yan Yunxiang). We hope that this panel will be a true roundtable, a conversation rather than a set of formal paper presentations. Each two-hour panel will begin with five to ten minute remarks from each participant, followed by moderated discussions among the panelists and between the panelists and the audience. We hope that this panel will inspire new research agendas building on the legacies of Rubie Watson’s work. Panelists: Maris Gillette, Professor of Anthropology, Haverfod College mgillett@haverford.edu, co-chair and co-organizer Yan Yunxiang, Professor of Anthropology, UCLA, yan@anthro.ucla.edu, co-chair and co-organizer Nicole Newendorp, Lecturer in Social Studies, Harvard University, newendor@fas.harvard.edu, discussant Jing Jun, Professor of Sociology, Tsinghua University, jingjun@tsinghua.edu.cn discussant Liu Tik-Sang, Associate Professor of Humanities and Director of South China Research, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, discussant Suzanne Zhang-Gottschang, Associate Professor of Anthropology and East Asian Studies, Smith College, szhang@smith.edu, discussant Matthew Kohrman (kohrman@stanford.edu), Associate Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University, discussant