Abstracts of the 2001 AAS Annual Meeting
March 22–25, 2001, Chicago, IL

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Session 5. Incomplete Transitions: Democratization and the Press in Southeast Asia

Pressed Into Service: Authoritarianism and the Malaysian Media, Daniel A. Slater

Lese Majesty and Press Freedom in Thailand, David Streckfuss

Vestiges of Authoritarian Rule: The Philippine and Indonesian Press, Mary McCoy

Session 6. Vietnam and the State in the 1950s: Arguments, Visions, Implementations

Marxism, Dissent, and the State: Implications of Tran Duc Thao, 1945–1958, Shawn F. McHale

"First Comes the Land Reform Team, then Heaven": State-Village Relations During Land Reform in the DRV (1953–1957), Martin Grossheim

Nguyen Manh Ha: A Voice for a Reunified Vietnam, Thi Liên Trân

Session 26. Taking Democracy Seriously: The Role of Political Parties in Southeast Asia

Democracy and Social Welfare in Thailand, Erik Kuhonta

Presidential Connection: Parties and Party Systems in the Philippines, Yuko Kasuya

Party Systems, Political Institutions and Policy: Policy Making in Thailand and the Philippines, Allen Hicken

The Role of Political Parties in Building Effective Institutions: Indonesia in 1955 and 1999, Kimberly Niles

Session 27. Competing Knowledges in Post-Revolutionary Indochina

Mediumship Versus the State: Conflicting Epistemologies in Vietnam, Barley Norton

Buddha Power and State Power in Cambodia, William Collins

"We Were Younger Then, And It Was Different": Vietnamese Factory Women Reconsider Their Past, Mila Rosenthal

Creating Knowledge of the Border: The Meanings of the Mekong River Friendship Bridge in Laos, Takeko Iinuma

Session 48. Contesting Islamic Political Visions in Post-Soeharto Indonesia

Indonesian Jihad: Yogyakarta Muslim Responses to the Call for Holy War, Robert William Hefner

Islamism in Contemporary Indonesian Politics: The Shari’ah Utopianism of Partai Keadilan, Mark Woodward

Kyai, President, or Wali: Contesting Islamic Notions of Leadership, Ronald Lukens-Bull

Political Affiliation and Religious Commitment in South Sulawesi, Thomas P. Gibson

Session 49. Competing Realities in Post-Revolutionary Indochina

Do Spirits of the Dead Exist? Divergent Ontologies of the Dead in Northern Vietnam, Shaun K. Malarney

Abortion Conventionalized, Abortion Ritualized: Competing Perceptions of Fetal Life in Contemporary Vietnam, Tine Gammeltoft

Do People Still Dream of Kings? Discourses of Monarchy in Laos, Grant Evans

(Re-)Constituting Hierarchy and Authority in Contemporary Cambodia, Lindsay French

Session 69. The Royal Aura: Signifying Power in Southeast Asia

Imprecation and Blessing: An Interpretation of Epigraphical Data, Prapod Assavavirulhakarn

God Kings of Angkor, Roxanna M. Brown

The Mural Paintings of Wat Somanat Vihan in Bangkok, John Listopad

Mechanical Mediation and the Royal Subject, Caverlee Cary

Ethics and Politics in the Art of Thai Boxing, Peter Vail

Session 70. Contramodernities in Southeast Asian Literature, Drama, and Film

Revisiting and Reusing The Malay Annals and The Hikayat Hang Tuah, Soak Koon Wong

Wise Spirits and the Limits of Modernity in Suwarsih Djojopuspito’s Siluman Karangkobar, Julie Shackford-Bradley

De/Constructing Modernity: The Deployment of Tradition in Contemporary Southeast Asian Fiction and ASEAN’s "Realizing Rama," Teri Shaffer Yamada

All Things Bawdy and Sexual: The Recuperation of Adat in Contemporary Malay Films, Gaik Cheng Khoo

Session 90. Village Modern: Transforming Tradition in Rural Northern Vietnam

"Village Affairs": The Making of Communal Identity Through the Revivification of Rituals in a Northern Vietnamese Village, Chi Huyen Truong

Praying for Profit: The Cult of the Lady of the Treasury, Hong Ly Le

Manure and Modernity: Villagers and Ethographers in Dong Ky Village, Hue-Tam Ho Tai

Session 91. Individual Papers: Strategies of Opposition in Southeast Asia

Reinventing Adat: Peasant, State and Timber Industry in Indonesia: A Case Study from East Kalimantan, Mariko Urano

The Politics of Representation: The Assembly of the Poor and the Use of Media Space to Challenge the Hegemonic Developmental Discourse in Thailand, Rungrawee Chalermsripinyorat

Singapore’s Middle Realm: The ‘Nanyang Shang Bao’ and the Jinan Incident of 1928, David L. Kenley

Heritage as a Human Right: A New Style and Language of Civil and Community Activism in Penang, Malaysia, Judith Nagata

Session 111. Songs at the Edge of the Forest: Narrative and Problems of Meaning in the Work of David Chandler

Between a Song and a Priy: Tracking Cambodia’s History Through Its Forest, Penny Edwards

Ways of the World: Harm and Suffering in Khmer Ethical Narratives, Anne R. Hansen

Constructing Narratives of Order: Religious Building and Moral Chaos, John Marston

The Buddh Damnay and the Meaning of Suffering, Judy Ledgerwood

Session 112. Global Forces and Social Change in Southeast Asia

The Development and Persistence of Illegal Labor Migration from Thailand, Teresa Sobieszczyk

The Globalization of Public Health Policy in Southeast Asia, Jeremy Shiffman

Challenges to NGOs’ Domination of the Indonesian Labor Movement: Implications for Labor Representation in the "Era of Globalization," Michele Ford

Working the Middle Ground: NGOs as Mediators of the National Response to AIDS in Northern Thailand, Vincent Del Casino and Rachel M. Safman

Session 133. Land Conflicts and the Religious Polarization of Indonesian Regional Violence (Sponsored by Indonesian Studies Committee)

Conflict Over Land and the Dynamics of Violence in South Sumatra, Elizabeth F. Collins

Placing Claims to Land: The Grounds of Religious and Ethnic Conflict at Lake Lindu, Central Sulawesi, Gregory Acciaioli

Religious Tensions and the Flood of Blood in Central Sulawesi, Lorraine V. Aragon

The Suharto Legacy and Religious Violence in Maluku, Jacques Bertrand

Session 134. Writing and Narrating Socialist Personhoods: State Tropes, Autobiography, and the Rhetoric of Self-Presentation in Vietnam

Individual Stories and Social Commitment: The Case of Vietnamese Intellectuals in 1920s Saigon, Philippe Peycam

Conflicting Self-Presentations in the Memoirs of To Hoai, Kim Ninh

State Tropes and Personal Tales: Telling and Writing Female Traders’ Lives in Vietnam, Ann Marie Leshkowich

"Remaking One’s Life" (Lam Lai Cuoc Doi): Biographical Construction as a Means of Survival in Rural Vietnam, Narquis Barak

Session 153. Comparative Colonial Jurisprudence in Southeast Asia

Mixing and Matching: Legal Transplantation in Southeast Asia, Andrew J. Harding

The Post-Colonial Loss of Royal Malay Land Rights, Keng-Fong Pang

Descent of the Nation: Policing the Family in Siam, Tamara Loos

Session 154. Wealth and Poverty in Vietnam: Local Dynamics, Governmental Policies, and Global Linkages (Sponsored by the Vietnam Studies Group)

Collective Culture: The Dynamics of Differentiation in Black Thai Villages, Thomas Sikor

Bringing the Farm Back in: The Rural Development Debate and Overseas Remittances in Vietnam’s Mekong Rice Bowl, Stephen Graw

Wealth and Poverty in Vietnam: A Sociological Perspective, Tuong Lai

Poverty, Household Structure, and Demography: An Analysis of Their Sociocultural Dimensions in Ho Chi Minh City, Hy Van Luong

Session 174. Buddhism in Burma and Beyond: New Studies, New Perspectives

Burma’s Age of Buddhist Enlightenment: The Mass Lay Meditation Movement and the Formation of Society as the State, Ingrid Jordt

Thathana Than-shin: Ideal Representations and Historical Accounts of Sasana Purification in Burmese Thathanawin Literature, Patrick Pranke

Burmese Buddhist Conceptualisations of "Good" Government and "Harmonious" Development: On the Relevance of Mangala Sutta and byama-so tayà (Social Meditation) for the Process of Reconciliation, Gustaaf Hourman

Calendar Reform in 19th-Century Burma: King Bodawpaya and the Role of Maitreya in Burmese Kingship, Maitrii Aung-Thwin

Representations of Moral Authority and the Modern Burmese State, Juliane Schober

Session 175. Individual Papers: Women and Labor in Transitional Economics in Southeast Asia

Satanic Mills or Silicon Islands? Labor and the Politics of Semiconductors in the Philippines, Steven McKay

Women Entrepreneurs in Vietnam’s Transitional Economy, Pamela Chieu Nguyen

Do Iban Women Really Need Men? Subsistence Agriculture and Labor Migration in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, Reed L. Wadley

Community Economic Development in Ifugao, Philippines: Women, Microfinance and the Cultural Politics of Social Change, B. Lynne Milgram

Session 194. Political Faultlines in Southeast Asia: Pre-Modernist Atavisms in Post-Colonial Nation-States

Political Faultlines in Indonesia: Atavistic Movements in Riau, Aceh and Beyond, Vivienne Wee

From Muslim Filipino to Philippine Muslim: One Man’s Embrace of the Bangsamoro, Thomas M. McKenna

Ethnic Conflict in Burma: Karen Ethno-Nationalism, Flight and Secular Modernization in Refugee Camps in Thailand, Ananda Rajah

Why Might Constructed Nationalist and Ethnic Ideologies Come into Confrontation with Each Other? David Brown

Session 195. Individual Papers: Domesticating Global Ideas in Colonial and Contemporary Southeast Asia

The "Dike Debate" in Late Imperial and French Colonial Vietnam, S. Andrew Smith

The Professor and the President: Wesley Fishel and Ngo Dinh Diem, 1950–1963, Edward Miller

Translating the Untranslatable: Sundanese Illuminations of Scriptural Arabic in West Java, Indonesia, Benjamin G. Zimmer

The Role of Local and Transnational Political Narratives in Shaping Political and Normative Change in Malaysia and Singapore, Surain Subramaniam

Islamization in Malaysia: Negotiating the Race for Political Legitimacy, Patricia Martinez

The Erasure of "Race": The Case of Thai Studies, Jan R. Weisman

Session 208. Spirited Politics: Public Life and Religion in Contemporary Southeast Asia

Relocating Reciprocity: Politics and the Transformation of Thai Funerals, Thamora Fishel

Buddhist Monks and Their Political Role in Burmese Society, Yin Hlaing Kyaw

The Sixth Religion? Confucianism and the Negotiation of Indonesian-Chinese Identity under the Pancasila State, Andrew Abalahin

The Modernist Vision from Below: Malaysian Hinduism and the "Way of Prayers," Andrew Willford

Session 209. Political Change in the Philippines: Explaining the Cause and Consequences of Decentralization

The Political Economy of Decentralization in the Philippines and Thailand, Paul Hutchcroft

Civil Society and Local Power Arrangements, Francisco Magno

Generation Shift and Local Elite Reproduction, Julio Teehankee

Building Local Democracies in the Philippines: The Impact of Decentralization on Democratization, Gary Hawes