Abstracts of the 2001 AAS Annual Meeting
March 22–25, 2001, Chicago, IL

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Session 1. Architectural Preservation in Asia: Local Citizens as Activists and Stakeholders

Hong Kong’s Tai O: A Significant Drop in the Ocean of Mass Tourism, Jeffrey W. Cody and Wallace Chang

Creation Myths for the Preservation of Tsumago Post-town, Peter Siegenthaler

Protecting Lhasa’s Vernacular Neighborhoods: The Tibet Heritage Fund’s Work with Local Residents, Andre Alexander and Carmen Tsui

Session 22. Afro-Asian Diasporic Encounters

The Underestimated Power of Culture, Regge Life

Translatability of Race: Blackness in Korean-American kijichon (Military Camp-Town) Literature, Jina Kim

Wong Fei Hung in Da House: Hong Kong Martial Arts Films and Hip Hop Culture, Frances K. Gateward

Session 43. Tracking Bollywood Cinema and Its Networks

Bollywood and Visual Print Capitalism in Maharashtra, Kajri Jain

Reflected Readings in Available Light: Cameramen in the Shadows of Cinema in India, Shuddhabrata Sengupta

The Dislocation of the "Centre": Bollywood Across the Borders, Christiane Brosius

Cruising on the Vilayeti Bandwagon: Diasporic Representations and Reception of Bollywood Movies, Raminder Kaur

Imagining Other Lands: Bollywood, African Cinema, and Transnational Desires, Awam Amkpa

Session 86. Critical Interventions in Globalization: Transnational Methodologies, Scholarship, and Social Movements

Following Transnational Corporations by Transnational Research, William H. Friedland

Mapping Global/Local Labor Migration in China, Ping Huang

Capitalizing Asian Studies: Scholarship and the Production of Knowledge in a Gobalizing World, Tim Oakes

Poonams, Protests, and Consumption Politics: Towards a New Internationalism, Priti Ramamurthy

Session 107. Nationhood in Borderlands: The Legacy of the Greater East Asia Coprosperity Sphere

Mongolian Nationalism and Japanese Geo-Politics, Li Narangoa

The Rise of Conflicting Concepts of Nationalism in Southeast Asia Under Japan, Paul H. Kratoska

The Unintended Effect of Japanese Occupation on Laotian Nationalism, Yoko Kikuchi

Imai Tadashi’s Transcolonial Film Career in Transnational Perspective, 1943–1991: Korea, Japan, Japanese-Americans, Takashi Fujitani

Session 128. Roundtable: An Integrated Curriculum for the Foreign Language Classroom (Association of Teachers of Japanese Designated Panel)

Session 149. Law, Violence, and the Limits of Justice: Rethinking Corporeal Discipline

When the Whip Comes Down: Public Punishment Contemporary Iran, Setrag Manoukian

Making Suffering Count: Literary Witnessing to Bureaucratic Violence, Laura Bear

Governing the ‘Natives’: Flogging, Identity, and the Problem of Colonial Categories in Northern Nigeria, Steven Pierce

Torture and the Truth of the Colonial Body, Anupama Rao

Session 170. The Intimate Gazes of Strangers: Gender, Colonialism, and Missionary Discourses in Western Women’s Writings on Asia

From "Utter Degradation" to Modernity: Gendered Missionary Discourse from Korea, Hyaeweol Choi

Ideals for Indian Women: American Women Missionaries’ Representations of Indian Women and Themselves, 1870–1930, Leslie A. Flemming

Two Views of the Minahasa, or, Whatever Happened to the Poor, Heathen Bushnatives? Rita Smith Kipp

Ties that Cut: Alter/Native Portrayals of Chinese Women in Western Women’s Writings, Paola Zamperini

Session 191. Interrogating the Japanese Diaspora: Ethnicity, Gender, and Identities in Los Angeles, Hawai’i, and São Paulo

Shebas, New Women, and Nisei Daughters: Japanese American Women’s Cultural Synthesis in Los Angeles from the Jazz Age to World War II, Valerie Matsumoto

Problematizing Okinawan Identity in Hawai’i, Wesley Ueunten

Japanese Brazilian Women and Their Narratives: Gender, Ethnicity, and Identity in São Paulo, Mieko Nishida